2017年6月27日,波士顿- ORIG3N, Inc., 波士顿一家生物医学研究公司, has announced the addition of Byron 史密斯 to its Board of Directors and Spectrum Health Ventures (SHV) to its investor syndicate. The announcements come on the heels of the close of ORIG3N’s latest round of funding. ORIG3N has raised over $30 million in capital to date since it was founded in 2014.

Byron 史密斯 brings decades of industry experience to ORIG3N’s board of directors. Mr. 史密斯目前是Mountain Group Partners (MGP)的负责人。, a Fund dedicated to investing in and guiding transformation businesses in the life science and technology sectors. 在参与MGP之前,Mr. 史密斯在无线和技术领域有着漫长而杰出的职业生涯. 他的职业生涯开始于品牌管理和广告, 然后搬到硅谷,向科技行业转型, where he gained experience in media/content and internet technology/infrastructure.
现在,让彩乐园2回到东海岸. 史密斯 serves on or has visitation rights to the board of directors of many companies in the 健康 服务 sector.

“We are very excited to have Byron bring his consumer-driven expertise to ORIG3N,罗宾说. 史密斯,CEO, ORIG3N. “ORIG3N is an increasingly consumer-facing startup that is growing at an exponential rate, and Byron’s experience across a diverse range of industries will help facilitate and propel ORIG3N’s development and expansion.”

The addition of Spectrum Health Ventures to the investor syndicate will also support ORIG3N’s continuing growth. SHV was founded in 2017 to manage a $100 million fund on behalf of Spectrum Health, 拥有12家以上医院的综合卫生系统, 超过180个服务站点和3个,200年供应商, 还有大约796人的健康计划,000个成员. Spectrum Health是全国排名前15位的医疗系统之一. SHV seeks investment opportunities with companies that have developed products, 服务, 以及推动创新卫生解决方案的新兴技术. With a focus on partnering with entrepreneurs who are transforming and disrupting 健康 care’s status quo, SHV found a natural alignment with ORIG3N’s mission to disrupt medicine and democratize the future of 健康.

这轮融资由Hatteras Venture Partners牵头. 所有现在的辛迪加成员都参与了. Spectrum Health Ventures加入了现有的投资者Hatteras Venture Partners, LabCorp, Syno资本, KTB-KORUS基金, 德国企业彩乐园2, DEFTA伙伴, 180度资本.

“The continued support of our existing investors and the confidence of our new investors will enable us to expand and intensify our research efforts into the development of cell therapies,罗宾说. 史密斯. “Our community building in the past three years has put us in the incredible position of having the world’s only fully-matched allogeneic cell bank, which presents us with the opportunity to take a larger and more active role in setting the standard for scientific innovation and discovery.”

自成立以来, ORIG3N has been on a mission to further the common good and advance the future of 健康 through genetics and regenerative medicine research. ORIG3N has led the movement to personalize 健康 with a community-oriented approach, 在指导信念的驱使下,与彩乐园2的社区一起, 可以更快地找到治疗方法和治愈方法. ORIG3N认为,当人们更好地理解基因之间的彩乐园1app时, 健康, 和健康, 他们可以让, 对自己未来的积极选择. 以支持这一目标, ORIG3N参与了以患者为燃料的研究和开发计划, 提供一系列直接面向消费者的健康和健康基因检测, and cultivates an engaged community through events and educational initiatives.

关于Spectrum Health Ventures
成立于2017年, Spectrum Health Ventures (SHV) manages a $100 million fund on behalf of Spectrum Health. The fund is designed to achieve venture class returns through investments that drive innovative 健康 solutions, 在战略上与Spectrum Health的核心业务保持一致, 加强组织的彩乐园2和愿景. SHV投资于以获取解决方案和人口为目标的项目或公司 & 健康分析,基因组学 & 个性化医疗,人工智能 & 认知计算,消费者健康 & 行为健康,以及与健康相关的产品
和服务. 更多信息,请访问:http://www.spectrum健康.org

关于Hatteras Venture Partners IV, LP
Hatteras Venture Partners is a venture capital firm that seeks to transform medicine through seeding and growing the next generation of innovative companies in human medicine. 如今,该公司管理着5个风险投资基金,资产超过3.5亿美元. 自2000年以来, 哈特拉斯已经投资了50多家公司, 专注于生物制药, 医疗设备, 诊断, 医疗卫生信息技术, 以及与人类健康有关的机会. 哈特拉斯在全国各地的公司都有投资, the firm is a leader in the research-driven regions of North Carolina and the Southeastern United States. 欲了解更多信息,请访问:www.hatterasvp.com

LabCorp provides leading-edge medical laboratory tests 和服务 through a national network of primary clinical laboratories and specialty testing laboratories. 在深奥的测试方面拥有科学的专业知识, 基因组学, 以及临床和解剖病理学, LabCorp对大约500个样本进行了测试,每天000个标本, 将医学和科学的进步应用于实验室检测. 欲了解更多信息,请访问:www.labcorp.com

关于Syno资本, LLC
Syno资本 is a global cross border venture capital firm dedicated to life science and 健康care. 除了在美国足智多谋, it provides help to its portfolio companies in expanding into the Greater China region. Syno资本 has extensive experience in building partnerships in China and its network of strategic partners can accelerate the growth of companies both domestically and internationally. 欲了解更多信息,请访问:www.synocapital.com

成立于1981年,是韩国最早的风险投资公司之一, KTB一直证明自己是一流的投资公司. 纵观KTB超过30年的历史, KTB投资组合的250多家企业在国内外上市, 占韩国ipo的10%以上. The venture capital entity in Korea and China are under the name KTB Network and the entity in the US is under KTB Ventures.

关于德国企业彩乐园2 2013, L.P.
德国企业彩乐园2 2013, LP (the “Fund”) is a fund that seeks to invest in seed and early stage companies focused on two major sectors: Life Sciences and Technology. 在生命科学部门, 该基金主要关注诊断投资, 医疗设备, 并加快了保健品和药品分部门的开发. 在科技领域, 该基金专注于医疗保健技术, 商业服务和消费技术公司. 欲了解更多信息,请访问:www.www.cy17-design.com

DEFTA伙伴是一家成立于1985年的全球风险投资公司, 总部分别设在旧金山和东京. 在早期阶段进行投资, high potential companies that have the capacity to transform the IT and 健康 technologies sectors. Over the past thirty years DEFTA has supported the growth of more than a hundred early stage companies thought the US, 日本, 以色列, 英国和新兴国家, 有许多成功的退出. 欲了解更多信息,请访问:www.deftapartners.com

180度资本公司. is a publicly traded registered closed-end fund focused on investing in and providing value added assistance through constructive activism to what it believes are substantially undervalued small, 有可能实现重大转型的上市公司. Its goal is that the result of its constructive activism leads to a reversal in direction for the share price of these investee companies, i.e., 180度转弯. 欲了解更多信息,请访问:www.180年degreecapital.com

Founded in 2014, ORIG3N exists at the intersection of biological science and emerging technology. 通过彩乐园2的DNA测试和社区活动, we help people understand the links between their genes and how their minds and bodies work. Our research team uses cutting-edge cellular science to develop personalized therapies for repairing tissue damage and disease. Together with our community, we’re on a mission to accelerate the future of regenerative medicine. 欲了解更多信息,请访问:www.orig3n.com.